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We offer
Lead generation
Let's create a stream of incoming requests for the sales department.

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Increase conversion
We will form a sales business process and scripts for managers.

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Staff optimization
We organize the uniform quality of services, taking into account staff turnover.

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Corporate website for collecting leads
Are you looking for customers, or are customers finding you?
Lidogeneration is a marketing activity aimed at obtaining potential customers.
A lead is a potential buyer who is interested in your offer and left their details.

Based on the result of pre-project analytics, we are already aware of the features of the customer's service or product and form a marketing program using the following methods:
Contextual advertising in search engines
Social networks as a source of leads
Personalized Emails
Before that, we form positioning, make a design and a website.
If necessary, we configure CRM, telephony, etc.

Every month we analyze metrics from the site, visit statistics, correlate planned and actual indicators.
Client Profiling
Here it is important to understand with whom we communicate, to which category the client belongs, this information will allow us to form an image of the client.
Translation of leads into clients
We set up and prescribe business processes that allow you to increase the conversion of incoming leads.
We will form a sales business process, in stages:
Finding out the need
We find out what a potential customer needs. What tasks it covers with your service or product. What are the criteria when choosing. Who he compares you to. The right questions will help you prepare the right target offer.
Target offer
This structure of the business process allows you to manage sales, collect statistics and make adjustments after analysis.
Closing the deal
Taking into account the information received, a potential customer is offered an offer created specifically for him.
Creating instructions
What to say at each stage of the business process. What variations are possible. This is described in the instructions, simple and clear, which can be mastered in a couple of hours of preparation.
Staff optimization
At the previous stage, we described the business processes, now it's time to move on to the main asset - people:
Employee training
Training of employees according to instructions with live examples and explanations of the main cases. We replay work situations in different aspects, monitor the employee's immersion in the context, adjust if necessary.
Employee accreditation
A transparent and understandable business process allows you to minimize financial and time losses during staff turnover, quickly introduce new employees into the workflow and evaluate the quality of work based on specific quantitative indicators.
Working with statistics
A small credit for admission to work.
Since we have already broken the process into stages, we can understand at what stages transactions are disrupted, figure out why this is happening and make changes to the process.
How we work
A basic set of tools to solve your problems


We analyze the market and successful competitors, what you lack to overcome the dead point and develop.


Elaboration, positioning you in the market and detuning from competitors (the answer to the question "why you?").

Description of processes

We analyze the work into stages and describe them, create scripts for employees. This approach minimizes the risks of staff turnover and creates a basis for scaling the system.

Implementation and adjustment

Workdays with the adjustment of the described business processes and a script for the most effective work.

Carsen Group

The company supplies exclusive Glimtrex and Pnz oils for finishing elite wood.
The company supplies exclusive Glimtrex and Pnz oils for finishing elite wood.


Automation of business processes, because in the old scheme, almost all tasks were tied to the owner and several key employees. The ultimate ideal goal of the project is to be able to manage the company remotely.


We structured customers, described business processes, wrote instructions for staff, implemented CRM, where, in addition to sales management, we also automated a number of internal processes.

This made it possible to transfer part of the tasks to the system, as well as receive up-to-date information about the company's work remotely through the reporting mechanism.
Carsen Group
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